How do I get additional variables accessible as inputs via the user interface?


I miss a 5th line in this table, where I can insert the value of H2O molar fraction!? how can I solve the problem?


The variables that the LIBPF User Interface shows in the details view panel at the right (Input and Results tabs) are chosen by the model developer.

As documented in the SDK Developer manual, if the model developer uses the Value::set method to set the values of some variables (typically in the flowsheet class setup method), then those variables are marked as input, and automatically appear in the User Interface - Inputs tab.

Alternatively she can use the Value::setInput and the Value::setOutput methods.

In your case only four variables are available as inputs in the CATIN:Tphase object because in the MonoCell::setup method the model developer set those:

Q("CATIN:Tphase.ndot").set(5391.6439442, "STPccm");
Q("CATIN:Tphase.x", "CO2").set(0.03);
Q("CATIN:Tphase.x", "N2").set(0.876);
Q("CATIN:Tphase.x", "O2").set(0.094);

To make the CATIN:Tphase.x[H2O] variable visible as input, the easiest thing you can do is to insert a dummy assignment in the MonoCell::setup method such as:

Q("CATIN:Tphase.x", "H2O").set(0.0);

After that, build again the project in Qt Creator then create a new instance of the MonoCell flowsheet.