How do we start developing with LIBPF?

We joined the partner program. As we plan to develop for 64-bit Windows Desktop using Visual Studio 2015, we received the LIBPF_SDK_vs2015amd64_1.0.2346.tar.xz file.

Now, how do we actually start developing our models with LIBPF ?

First of all, Welcome to the partner program.

The first step to start with is visiting the doc pages: Here you ill find: how to install the SDK on windows:

After that you can start a boring reading of manuals:, or directly put your eyes on tutorials:

Working with examples and tutorials will make you more confident with tools and syntax.

I suggest you to keep somewhere in your favourite browser an handly link to the SDK reference manual:


OK thanks we’ll follow the howto install the SDK on windows and then try some tutorial !