How to make my model appear in UIPF?

if you want to make the new models you created appear in the LIBPF user interface, you need to tweak the file

assuming the UIPF application package is inside your development folder as suggested in the Running your own kernel from the LIBPF user interface on OS X howto, you can edit it with:

open -a TextEdit Desktop/LIBPF_SDK_osx_1.0.2346/

you will see that the file contains triplets of lines, separated by empty lines; for example the LIBPF user interface shows DeltaT as the first instantiatable type because types.txt contains:

Calculate fuel combustion adiabatic temperature change

this is the meaning of the three lines:

  1. the first line is the type name (case sensitive!)
  2. the second line is the description
  3. and the third line is the parent type; instantiable types are only those with FlowSheet as parent type.

just add your types to the types.txt file and restart the LIBPF user interface !

it’s correct? because i restarted LIBPF interface but it doesn’t appear

in the screenshot I can only see the last line test_McfcCcsMcc (that’s the OK for the 1st line: type name), but did you write after that the 2nd line (description) and the 3rd line (parent type) ? please copy-paste those lines here

here you are, correct? but doesn’t appear anyway

make sure there is a carriage return on the last line, otherwise it will not pick it up !

i left an empty line after the line of FlowSheet<ZeroZero>

…nothing changed?

did you restart the user interface (UIPF) ? is it the UIPF application package is inside your development folder ?

type tail Desktop/LIBPF_SDK_osx_1.0.2346/ and copy-paste the response here as text, not as screenshot

MBP-di-Marco:~ marcocescocasanova$  tail Desktop/LIBPF_SDK_osx_1.0.2346/
natural gas combined cycle with integrated fuel cell for carbon capture, with intermediate fidelity 3x2 model for FC and 2-stage low-P cascade, feed to GMB

Single monocell with intermediate fidelity model for FC

test flowsheet for MCFC for CCS with cathode recycle

anyway to restart i quit LIBPF interface and then opened it again

are you sure you are restarting the UIPF application package inside your development folder ?

maybe i’m wrong!.. when the program it’s close i go in my application package then i open it! or i have to push something else?

looks fine to me! tomorrow in the office I’ll test it here on OS X and will get back to you sorry for the trouble

ok, i’m waiting tomorrow! meantime i show to barbara bosio the results in monocle and choose a title for the thesis

sorry this works like a charm here; I have typed some test lines in types.txt:


and there it comes:

Appeared!!! now? I’ve to start the project i suppose

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