Launching a release kernel from the user interface


How to go from a debug-mode to a release-mode kernel ?


Two steps.

  1. you need to build your kernel in release mode from within Qt Creator; to do so, switch to release mode from the side toolbar:

    then build the project (this will take some time); at the end, you’ll see this:

    notice that in the Compile Output tab it says the process '/usr/bin/make' exited normally and I double-checked in the terminal below, a file named mcfcccs (the name of your project) has indeed just been created in SDK…/bin/mcfcccs/release

  2. you have to go through a couple of steps of the Running your own kernel from the LIBPF user interface on OS X howto, namely change directory to the location of your SDK, delete the currently configured kernel and replace it with a symbolic link to the release kernel you just produced with Qt Creator:

     cd Desktop/LIBPF_SDK_osx_1.0.2346
     ln -s ../../../bin/mcfcccs/release/mcfcccs

    the important bit here is that in the standard instructions you’d create the symbolic link towards debug mcfcccs, here we link to release /mcfcccs, both in bin/mcfcccs.

After switching from the debug to the release kernel, results should be identical and there is no need to re-instatiate any model. You can calculate again the models you already have with your new kernel.

Enjoy !