Problem while opening UIPF on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)


Here you are the screenshot about the problem that occurred with the opening of UIPF .


The error message pop-upImpossible aprire UIPF perchè proviene da uno sviluppatore non identificato”, which in English would be “UIPF can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer” is due to Gatekeeper, a security feature of OS X:

simevo is an identified developer, and we can produce application packages such as those available from the demo section which do not cause this message to appear. So if would not be a problem for us to sign the application and send it again to you.

But that would not really solve your problem, because you’re about to modify that package by replacing the kernel executable with your own and possibly recreating the package as well ! And you are not an identified developer from Apple’s perspective So I propose instead a temporary workaround, which will allow you to run this unsigned application as well as your own unsigned applications.

The temporary workaround is to hold down the “Control” key (ctrl) on your keyboard when you click the UIPF application package. This will cause the same pop-up with the same error message to appear, but this time you’ll have an “Open” button you can click to open it anyway.


Alternatively, there is a command-line tool you can use whitelist applications with Gatekeeper: spctl.

To use it, drag the UIPF executable from the installer package to its final destination, i.e. the Applications folder.

Then issue this command to whitelist it:

sudo spctl --add /Applications/

(this command will prompt for your account password).