Problem with updating remote git repository


Why No such file or directory ?


Probably the SDK is installed somewhere else ? the instructions use a generic LIBPF_SDK but it may be somewhere else on your disk !


you mean that i have to write : cd LIBPF_SDK_osx_1.0.2346 ?


could be. depends how you named it


first passage is done, then the answer is ok?
cuold i keep going?


I think you can skip the clone step. From there just:

cd fc
git commit -a -m 'some message here'
git push


ok, problem solved

Then how i’ve to proceed?


Congratulations ! you have pushed your changes to the shared repo, I can see them from here doing:

git pull

You are done with creating the McfcCcsMcc model and registering it.


ok finally!!! i’ve execute command git pull! and now? =)