Typical git workflow

We use the git distributed version control system to manage all our source code. It is strongly advised that you should use that too. Advantages are:

  • easy collaborative workflow
  • keep track of who did what
  • easy comparison of different versions
  • backtracking if something goes awry
  • etc. etc.

For an introduction to git check the official git documentation and in particular the training videos.

Also keep at hand a cheatsheet such as this one here:


At the beginning perform these two steps:

  1. set up once and for all your details (replace your own name and email to Luther Blisset’s !):

     git config --global user.name "Luther Blisset"
     git config --global user.email luther.blisset@libpf.com 
  2. locate yourself in the the LIBPF SDK directory

     cd LIBPF_SDK
  3. clone the remote repository:

     git clone server:repo.git

    this sample command would create a repo directory inside LIBPF_SDK

The day-to-day workflow is:

  1. get the latest updates from the remote repository:

     git pull
  2. modify a group of files, compile, test, until you’re happy

  3. commit locally your changes:

     git commit -a -m 'describe your changes here'
  4. publish your commit to the remote repository

     git push